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General Information

Name:  Leslie Elson Waller  

Pen Name: Patrick Mann; C.S. Cody

Genre: Fiction Non-Fiction Other

Audience: Adult; Children;

Born: 1923 in Chicago, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Waller the son of Ukrainian immigrants and was born in Chicago, Illinois. He suffered from amblyopia and poliomyelitis as a child, but graduated from Hyde Park High School by the age of 16.

Biographical and Professional Information

Waller was interested in writing from an early age, and became a police reporter before he went to Wilson Junior College. He joined the Army Air Corps in 1942 and continued to write, never leaving the US while enlisted. After World War II, he attended the University of Chicago and earned his M.A. from Columbia University. His first published novel under his own name was Three Day Pass. Before that, he published Lie Like a Lady under the pseudonym C.S. Cody. During his lifetime he lived in Calabria, Italy, London and Naples, Florida. In addition to his writing for adults he authored a children's series, Books to begin on.Three of Waller's books have been adapted into films. A Change in the Wind was filmed by GSF Productions in 1972. Dog Day Afternoon , featuring Al Pacino, was released by Warner Bros. in 1975 and was nominated for a number of Academy Awards, including Best Actor and Best Picture. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer produced Hide in Plain Sight in 1980.Leslie Waller was also a writer for the 1981 television series "Falcon Crest".

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Titles At Your Library

Clothing (A Book to Begin On)
ISBN: 0030724759

Holt, Rinehart and Winston. 1969

A simple history of clothing from primitive times to the mid-twentieth century emphasizing changes in style and manufacture.

The Banker

A Dell Book. 1973

A Change in The Wind
ISBN: 5831198162

Mayflower. 1974

The Family

Mayflower. 1975

Sex,sadism, violence,money, powerand evil.

Hide in Plain Sight: The True Story of How the United States Government and Organized Crime Kept a Man From his Own Children
ISBN: 0440036666

Delacorte Press. 1976

Blood and Dreams
ISBN: 0515064262

Jove. 1982

As the determined Kate Blood pursues the one man who must reject her--the aristocratic Edmund Crozat--all of nineteenth-century New Orleans dreads a match that would destroy the purity of a great Creole line

ISBN: 055324244X

Bantam Books. 1984

Fiction - Financial Thriller. One financial wizard is about to take over the world.

ISBN: 072785240X

Severn House Publishers. 1997

Chick Midas is a TV funnyman of many faces -- a multifaceted genius hiding in the carcass of a fat slob. Surrounding the comedian's great hulk, in all its outlandish guises and deceptive madness, is a cast that includes various misfits and friends, all embarked on a riotous excursion that heralds Midas's return to network TV.

Comeback is an outrageous, sweeping, and bitterly satiric novel that erupts amidst a wild romp through the innards of Big Entertainment. The story is by turns scandalous and moving,