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General Information

Name:  Rachel Ruiz  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Young Adult; Children;


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Illinois Connection

Ruiz lives in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Rachel Ruiz was inspired to write her first children's book, When Penny Met POTUS, after spending 2012 working for President Barack Obama on his re-election campaign. After a long day at the office, Rachel was greeted by her inquisitive 3-year-old daughter, who asked her questions like, Did you have lunch with POTUS today? Is he allergic to peanut butter? Does he like to wear red socks? The list goes on! When the 3 year old met POTUS at a campaign rally, the inspiration for this book was born. For the past 20 years, she's worked as a TV writer and producer, most recently for Oprah Winfrey. She lives in her hometown of Chicago with her husband and their daughter.


'When Penny Met POTUS ' ILLINOIS READS Book Selection, Illinois Reading Council, 2018

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Selected Titles At Your Library

Martin Luther King, Jr. :
ISBN: 1438012055. OCLC Number: 1052515474

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See how Martin's early experiences and beliefs shaped him into the leader of the Civil Rights movement and a martyr in the fight for equal rights.

Superhero Harry
ISBN: 9781623708863. OCLC Number: 995294476

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Harry wants to be a superhero and invents things to help make that happen but, in the meantime, he learns to be a real hero at school and home.

Superhero Harry: The recess bully /
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The new student in Harry's second grade class is ruining recess by being a bully--can one of Harry's superhero inventions help him befriend the bully and save recess?

Superhero Harry: The Runaway Robot
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Harry's latest invention--a Superhero Robot programmed to do chores--malfunctions, and the robot goes out of control, creating chaos at school.

Superhero Harry: The wild field trip
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While on a school field trip to the zoo, Harry accidentally allows the monkeys to escape their habitat, and he thinks he can fix the mess using one of his superhero inventions.

The Superhero Project
ISBN: 1479598623. OCLC Number: 999672029

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Second-grader Harry, who loves superheroes and thinks he knows all about them, misunderstands a school assignment and presents a new a superhero invention to his class.

When Hillary Rodham Clinton played ice hockey /
ISBN: 1515815773. OCLC Number: 981907962

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Hillary Rodham Clinton has always dreamed big ... and achieved big too. But she didn't become the greatest woman in US political history overnight. She was a kid first-organizing neighborhood carnivals, playing backyard ice hockey, and writing NASA to volunteer for astronaut training. This story shows readers the fun, fears, and challenges young Hillary had and enourages them to find their own strengths and dream big.

ISBN: 1623707595. OCLC Number: 973913675


When Penny Met POTUS will transport you on a presidential adventure in imagination. A smartly written, beautifully illustrated picture book about a young girl whose mother works for a boss named POTUS. POTUS? Just who or WHAT is a POTUS? Penny is on a mission to find out! She imagines all the fun things she and POTUS will do together when they meet -like have a tea party in the China Room and do important work in the Oval Office. When she goes to work with her mother one day at a big White House - Penny sneaks off on her own through the historic corridors to find POTUS. Along the way, she chats up the White House butler and Rose Garden gardener. Will she find POTUS? And will he live up to her great expectations? Rachel Ruiz, former producer on Barack Obama's 2012 presidential campaign, delivers a perfect picture book to get your family talking about the president this election season. Heartwarming and empowering at the same time, this presidential book will teach our kids no dream is too big to dream!

When Rosa Parks went fishing
ISBN: 9781515815747. OCLC Number: 988580596

. .

No discussion of the Civil Rights Movement is complete without the story of Rosa Parks. But what was this activist like as a child? Following young Rosa from a fishing creek to a one-room schoolhouse, from her wearing homemade clothes to wondering what white water tastes like, readers will be inspired by the experiences that shaped one of the most famous African-Americans in history.