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Name:  David K. Fremon  

Pen Name: None

Genre: History Non-Fiction

Audience: Young Adult;


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Illinois Connection

Mr. Fremon is a freelance writer in Chicago.

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Chicago Politics Ward by Ward (A Midland Book)
ISBN: 0253313449

Indiana University Press. 1988

"It does not belong on a shelf but in the hands of community activists, politicians, reporters and campaign workers who want to get a better understanding of ward politics in Chicago." —Lawndale News-West Side Times

"... enough lively tidbits in a breezily written way to keep any Chicago City Council political junkie awake." —Pioneer Press

"... in Chicago Politics Ward by Ward, the system reveals the bizarre adaptations usually associated with life on a coral reef. If you can’t believe these guys really exist, look again." —Chicago Magazine

"All told, a most useful and entertaining book." —Crain’s Chicago Business,p>

"... a good, handy reference for those who need to know a bit about any particular city ward—and good fodder for Chicago’s legions of political junkies." —Chicago Enterprise

"Important demographic information and fascinating histories make it an interesting and often hilarious tour." —Near North News

"... an energetic and ambitious book." —Illinois Issues

Crammed with information but written in a style as lively as the city it describes, this book is the most comprehensive guide ever written about Chicago politics and the unique characters who have given special flavor to each ward.

Japanese-American Internment in American History

Enslow Publishers, Inc.. 1996

The Alaska Purchase (In American History)
ISBN: 0766011380

Enslow Publishers. 1999

-- Offers in-depth coverage of defining moments in American history.
-- Provides exciting topics for research and reports.

The Watergate Scandal in American History
ISBN: 0894908839

Enslow Pub Inc. 1998

Explores the people and events surrounding the political scandal that began with a June 1972 burglary and resulted in the resignation of President Nixon

The Holocaust Heroes (The Holocaust Remembered Series)
ISBN: 0766010465

Enslow Pub Inc. 1998

Details the efforts of people who risked their own lives to save thousands of Jews and others from Nazi persecution.

The Salem Witchcraft Trials in American History
ISBN: B00409EBA2

Enslow. 1999

The Jim Crow Laws and Racism in American History
ISBN: 0766012972

Enslow Pub Inc. 2000

Covers African Americans from the end of slavery through segregation in the South, to the civil rights movement.

The Great Depression in American History
ISBN: 0894908812

Enslow Pub Inc. 1997

Describes the history surrounding the Great Depression, highlighting the causes and key figures.

The Negro Baseball Leagues: David Fremon (American Events)
ISBN: 0027356957

New Discovery. 1994

Looks at the history of African Americans in baseball and the struggle to keep them out, covers the Negro League teams and their conditions, profiles Satchel Paige and other stars, and describes how Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey finally broke the color bar

The Trail of Tears (American Events)
ISBN: 0027357457

New Discovery. 1994

Recounts how the Cherokee and Choctaw Indians were forced to leave their tribal homes to make way for white settlers

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