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General Information

Name:  Lynn Hall  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Young Adult; Children; Children;

Born: 1937 in Lombard, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Lynn was born in Lombard, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Lynn Hall is especially known for her sensitive writing of character development of young adults. She is the author of numerous books for young people including: "Kids and Dog Shows" and "Careers for Dog Lovers."Her two favorite topics to write about are dogs and horses. She has been active in a number of breeds and is deeply involve in dog club activities and educational initiatives for the sport. Many of her books have been published abroad, and many have been given the American Library Association’s Best Books designation. One of her dog stories, ''Barry, The Bravest St. Bernard'', has been in print continuously for more than thirty years and was recently re-released by Random House. It was also a Disney made-for-TV movie.Miss Hall lives in the beautiful hill country of northeast Iowa, in a stone cottage she built herself, with her family of dogs. She is retired from writing now, but enjoys helping other writers get started.

Published Works

  • The Shy Ones, Follett, 1967
  • The Secret of Stonehouse, Follett, 1968
  • Ride a Wild Dream, Follett, 1969
  • Too Near the Sun, Follett, 1970
  • Gently Touch the Milkweed, Follett, 1970
  • A Horse Called Dragon, Follett, 1971
  • The Famous Battle of Bravery Creek, Follett, 1972
  • The Siege of Silent Harry, Follett, 1972
  • Sticks and Stones, Follett, 1972
  • Lynn Hall's Dog Stories, Follett, 1972
  • Flash, Dog of Old Egypt, Garrard, 1973
  • Barry, The Bravest Saint Bernard, Garrard, 1973
  • Riff, Remember, Follett, 1973
  • To Catch A Tartar, Follett, 1973
  • The Stray, Follett, 1974
  • Bob, Watchdog of the River, Garrard, 1974
  • Troublemaker, Follett, 1974
  • New Day for Dragon, Follett, 1975
  • Kids and Dog Shows, Follett, 1975
  • Careers for Dog Lovers, Follett, 1975
  • Captain: Canada's Flying Pony, Garrard, 1976
  • Flowers of Anger, Follett, 1976
  • Owney, The Traveling Dog, Garrard, 1977
  • Dragon Defiant, Follett, 1977
  • Shadows, Follett, 1977
  • The Mystery of Pony Hollow, Garrard, 1978
  • Careers for Dog Lovers, Follett, 1978
  • The Mystery of the Lost and Found Hound, Garrard, 1979
  • The Mystery of Schoolhouse Dog, Garrard, 1979
  • The Whispered Horse, Follett, 1979
  • Dog of Bondi Castle, Follett, 1979
  • The Leaving, Scribner, 1980
  • Dragon's Delight, Follett, 1980
  • The Mystery of the Stubborn Old Man, 1980
  • The Mystery of Plum Park Pony, Garrard, 1980
  • The Haunting of the Green Bird, Follett, 1980
  • The Disappearing Granddad, Follett, 1980
  • The Mysterious Moortown Bridge, Follett, 1980
  • The Ghost of the Great River Inn, Follett, 1981
  • The Horse Trader, Scribner, 1981
  • The Mystery of the Caramel Cat, Garrard, 1981
  • Danza!, Scribner, 1981
  • Half the Battle, Scribner, 1981
  • Tin Can Tucker, Scribner, 1982
  • Dennison's Daughter, Scribner, 1983
  • Megan's Mare, Scribner, 1983
  • The Mystery of Pony Hollow Panda, Garrard, 1983
  • Nobody's Dog, Scholastic, 1984
  • Uphill All the Way, Scribner, 1984
  • The Boy in the Off-White Hat, Scribner, 1984
  • The Giver, Scribner, 1985
  • The Something-Special Horse, Scribner, 1985
  • Just One Friend, Scribner, 1985
  • Tazo and Me, Scribner, 1985
  • If Winter Comes, Scribner, 1986
  • The Solitary, Scribner, 1986
  • Danger Dog, Scribner, 1986
  • Mrs. Portree's Pony, Scribner, 1986
  • Letting Go, Scribner, 1987
  • Flyaway, Scribner, 1987
  • In Trouble Again, Zelda Hammersmith?, Harcourt, 1987
  • Ride A Dark Horse, Morrow, 1987
  • A Killing Freeze, Morrow, 1988
  • Zelda Strikes Again!, Harcourt, 1988
  • Murder at the Spaniel Show, Scribner, 1988
  • The Secret Life of Dagmar Schultz, Scribner, 1988
  • Dagmar Schultz and the Powers of Darkness, Scribner, 1988
  • Dagmar Shultz and the Angel Edna, Scribner, 1989
  • Here Comes Zelda Clause!: And Other Holiday Disasters, Harcourt, 1989
  • Where Have All the Tigers Gone?, Scribner, 1989
  • The Tormentors, Harcourt, 1990
  • Fair Maiden, Scribner, 1990
  • Halsy's Pride, Scribner, 1990
  • Murder in a Pig`s Eye, Harcourt, 1990
  • Dagmar Schultz and the Green Eyed Monster, Scribner, 1991
  • Flying Changes, Harcourt, 1991
  • The Soul of the Silver Dog, Harcourt, 1992
  • Windsong, Scribner, 1992
  • The Mystery of the Phantom Pony, Random House, 1993
  • Dog Shows for Beginners, Howell Book House, 1994
  • Loves Return, Thomas Bouregy, 1996

Selected Titles At Your Library

Flying changes /
ISBN: 0152287906. OCLC Number:

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich,. San Diego :. ©1991.

Seventeen-year-old Denny and her family face hard times when her father is injured on the rodeo circuit.

Kids and dog shows /
ISBN: 0695404822. OCLC Number:

Follett Pub. Co.,. Chicago :. [1975]

A guide to entering the dog show world with advice such as how to choose a show-quality dog, what equipment to buy, how a dog show works, and how to condition your dog.

Tazo and me /
ISBN: 0684183056. OCLC Number:

Scribner,. New York :. ©1985.

Relates how the author chose and trained her beloved Paso Fino horse, discovering that pleasure riding is more enjoyable for her than formal showing and competing with other horses.

Dagmar Schultz and the angel Edna /
ISBN: 0684190974. OCLC Number:

Scribner's,. New York :. ©1989.

Boy-crazy thirteen-year-old Dagmar finally locates potential romance in her quiet Iowa community, only to find herself the special project of a guardian angel with very old-fashioned morals.

Love's return /
ISBN: 0803491670. OCLC Number:

Avalon Books,. New York :. ©1996.

The mystery of the Phantom pony /
ISBN: 0679943358. OCLC Number:

Random House,. New York :. ©1993.

Searching the amusement park for a pony only Susan has seen, Susan and Kent track it to the Tunnel of Terror. As they realize the pony is trapped inside, the train begins its test run.

The soul of the silver dog /
ISBN: 0679847588. OCLC Number:

Random House,. New York :. 1994.

Feeling rejected by her own family after her younger sister's death, fourteen-year-old Cory adopts a blind show dog and devotes herself to bringing back some of his championship glory by training him for agility competition.

Windsong /
ISBN: 0684194392. OCLC Number:

Charles Scribner's Sons,. New York :. ©1992.

Growing up in a small Missouri town and feeling unloved at home, thirteen-year-old Marty is determined to find a way to keep a special greyhound puppy from the kennel where she works.

Murder in a pig's eye /
ISBN: 0152562680. OCLC Number:

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich,. San Diego :. ©1990.

Convinced that the owner of a neighboring farm has killed his sharp-tongued wife, sixteen-year-old Bodie searches for her body, until his detective work reaches a chaotic and humorous climax.


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