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Name:  Lynn Hall  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Young Adult; Children;

Born: 1937 in Lombard, Illinois

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Lynn was born in Lombard, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Lynn Hall is especially known for her sensitive writing of character development of young adults. She is the author of numerous books for young people including: "Kids and Dog Shows" and "Careers for Dog Lovers."Her two favorite topics to write about are dogs and horses. She has been active in a number of breeds and is deeply involve in dog club activities and educational initiatives for the sport. Many of her books have been published abroad, and many have been given the American Library Association’s Best Books designation. One of her dog stories, ''Barry, The Bravest St. Bernard'', has been in print continuously for more than thirty years and was recently re-released by Random House. It was also a Disney made-for-TV movie.Miss Hall lives in the beautiful hill country of northeast Iowa, in a stone cottage she built herself, with her family of dogs. She is retired from writing now, but enjoys helping other writers get started.


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Selected Titles At Your Library

A horse called Dragon
ISBN: 0889962960. OCLC Number: 22809730

Globe Modern/Curriculum Press,. .

Barry the bravest Saint Bernard
ISBN: 0375844392. OCLC Number: 76901999

Random House,. .

Relates the feats of Barry, the Saint Bernard dog, whose name, to this day, bears the best dog honor at the Saint Bernard Monastery of Switzerland.

Bob, watchdog of the river.
ISBN: 0811648532. OCLC Number: 695725

Garrard Pub. Co.. .

A dog spends his life at the London docks rescuing people from drowning.

Captain, Canada's flying pony
ISBN: 0811648575. OCLC Number: 1255079

Garrard Pub. Co.,. .

Through the help of a girl, Captain changes from being a great disappointment to his owner into an international champion jumping pony.

Careers for dog lovers.
ISBN: 0695408771. OCLC Number: 3799343

Follett,. .

Show biz occupations, breeders, services, trainers, and other dog related occupations are explained for the dog lover.

Cries of the spirit :
ISBN: 0807068128. OCLC Number: 21902068

. .

A sourcebook of poetry and prose which celebrates the many forms of women's spirituality.

Dagmar Schultz and the angel Edna /
ISBN: 0684190974. OCLC Number: 18961744

Scribner's,. .

Boy-crazy thirteen-year-old Dagmar finally locates potential romance in her quiet Iowa community, only to find herself the special project of a guardian angel with very old-fashioned morals.

Dagmar Schultz and the green-eyed monster
ISBN: 0684192543. OCLC Number: 22206946

Scribner ;. .

Jealous of a pretty and popular new student, thirteen-year-old Dagmar decides to get even with humorous results.

Dagmar Schultz and the powers of darkness
ISBN: 0689715471. OCLC Number: 24173497

Aladdin Books ;. .

Dagmar makes a deal with Edgar, the only warlock in New Berlin, Iowa: she will convince Aunt Gretchen to go out with him if he will use his powers to make James Mann fall in love with her.

Danger dog
ISBN: 0684186802. OCLC Number: 13792518

Scribner,. .

Having failed once in the past to show responsibility as a pet owner, thirteen-year-old David is determined to save a dangerous Doberman pinscher by deprogramming him from his attack training.

ISBN: 0689712898. OCLC Number: 18746977

Aladdin Books ;. .

While in the United States with one of his grandfather's Paso Fino stallions, a Puerto Rican teenager discovers his true feelings about horses.

Dog of the Bondi Castle
ISBN: 0695812556. OCLC Number: 4494159

Follett Pub. Co.,. .

A courageous dog in 14th-century France proves his loyalty to his master in an unusal and heart-rending way.

Dog showing for beginners
ISBN: 0876054084. OCLC Number: 29844311

Howell Book House,. .

Provides an overview of the dog show world, offers advice on selecting a dog, joining a club, understanding the point system, entering and preparing for a show, and evaluating a dog.

Dog stories.
ISBN: 0695803212. OCLC Number: 540910

Follett. .

Six true stories about dogs the author has known and loved.

Dragon defiant
ISBN: 0813661188. OCLC Number: 14449827

Modern Curriculum Press,. .

Dragon's delight
ISBN: 0813661196. OCLC Number: 14449856

Modern Curriculum Press,. .

Fair maiden
ISBN: 0684192136. OCLC Number: 21149479

Scribner,. .

Working at the Renaissance Fair, Jennifer finds her first love and an escape from family problems at home.

Flash :
ISBN: 0811648516. OCLC Number: 618418

Garrard,. .

The pharaoh's son tries hard to prove the pup whose life he saved is the best of the royal dogs, not knowing that to succeed means losing the dog forever.

Flowers of anger
ISBN: 0380018829. OCLC Number: 4162721

Avon,. .

Annie's pony is killed by a neighbor the night before her first horse show and as she seeks revenge, Annie almost destroys her friendship with Carey.

ISBN: 0684188880. OCLC Number: 15792165

Scribner,. .

Ariel, a high school senior in Wisconsin, dreams of running away from her domineering father who selfishly controls her life and those of her mother and sister.

Flying changes
ISBN: 0152287914. OCLC Number: 28306702

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich,. .

Life has become terribly complicated for Denny since her daddy brought home his new roping partner ... Denny is also trying to ease her family's financial straits by training a star roping horse for a wealthy buyer. The sale depends on the tricky flying lead change, which is as hard to master as the sudden flying changes in Denny's own life--Page 4 of cover.

Flying changes /
ISBN: 0152287906. OCLC Number: 22347434

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich,. .

Seventeen-year-old Denny and her family face hard times when her father is injured on the rodeo circuit.

Gently touch the milkweed.
ISBN: 038000982X. OCLC Number: 10254280

Avon,. .

Ghost of the Great River Inn
ISBN: 0695414658. OCLC Number: 6487416

Follett Pub. Co.,. .

After seeing the ghost of a paymaster murdered during the Civil War, two fourth grade friends in Iowa make a startling discovery.

Here comes Zelda Claus, and other holiday disasters
ISBN: 0152337903. OCLC Number: 18949169

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich,. .

Relates the amusing holiday misadventures of Zelda Hammersmith, whose good intentions only lead to trouble.

If winter comes.
ISBN: 0140323929. OCLC Number: 19265773

Puffin,. .

In trouble again, Zelda Hammersmith?
ISBN: 0380706121. OCLC Number: 19580721

Avon,. .

Five episodes in the zany life of fourth-grader Zelda Hammersmith, in which she deals with a bad report card, a boy who doesn't want to be her boyfriend, the loss of her best friend, and other tribulations.

Kids and dog shows /
ISBN: 0695404822. OCLC Number: 1311373

Follett Pub. Co.,. .

A guide to entering the dog show world with advice such as how to choose a show-quality dog, what equipment to buy, how a dog show works, and how to condition your dog.

Letting go
ISBN: 0684187817. OCLC Number: 15018490

Scribner,. .

Sixteen-year-old Casey feels ambivalent about accompanying her mom to dog shows every weekend--she loves the competition but wants to break away from her possessive mother.

Love's return /
ISBN: 0803491670. OCLC Number: 34310005

Avalon Books,. .

Megan's mare
ISBN: 0684178745. OCLC Number: 9198015

Scribner,. .

Eleven-year-old Megan, daughter of a Yorkshire horse trainer, finding she has a special bond with the beautiful problem mare Berry, determines to help her overcome her fear of wooden bridges.

Mrs. Portree's pony
ISBN: 0684185768. OCLC Number: 12974282

C. Scribner's Sons,. .

Addie, a foster child who feels unloved, seeks comfort in the company of a beautiful pony and begins an enriching relationship with his owner, a proud woman who has alienated and lost her own daughter.

Murder at the spaniel show
ISBN: 0684189615. OCLC Number: 18069384

Scribner,. .

Sixteen-year-old Tabby wonders what connection lies between her boss, a blind dog breeder, and the sinister death threats to his twin brother who has arrived to judge an important national show.

Murder in a pig's eye
ISBN: 0152562699. OCLC Number: 26718323

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich,. .

Convinced that the owner of a neighboring farm has killed his sharp-tongued wife, sixteen-year-old Bodie searches for her body, until his detective work reaches a chaotic and humorous climax.

Murder in a pig's eye /
ISBN: 0152562680. OCLC Number: 20131799

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich,. .

Convinced that the owner of a neighboring farm has killed his sharp-tongued wife, sixteen-year-old Bodie searches for her body, until his detective work reaches a chaotic and humorous climax.

New day for Dragon
ISBN: 081366117X. OCLC Number: 14449878

Modern Curriculum Press,. .

Nobody's dog
ISBN: 0590338935. OCLC Number: 670085053

Scholalstic. .

Owney, the traveling dog
ISBN: 0811648605. OCLC Number: 2508449

Garrard Pub. Co.,. .

The adventures of Owney, the traveling dog, include a trip around the world in 132 days.

Ride a dark horse
ISBN: 0380753707. OCLC Number: 18614708

Avon,. .

Seventeen-year-old Gusty finds herself in increasing danger as she tries to prove her suspicions about dishonest breeding practices at the horse farm where she works.

Secret of stonehouse.
ISBN: 0448171244. OCLC Number: 948684512

Ace Books,. .

ISBN: 0679832556. OCLC Number: 25282627

Bullseye Books :. .

Several days following her mother's death Audrey is attracted to a rare blue merle collie and drawn into the mystery of his background.

Sticks and stones
ISBN: 0440982669. OCLC Number: 13445136

Dell,. .

Tazo and me /
ISBN: 0684183056. OCLC Number: 12108156

Scribner,. .

Relates how the author chose and trained her beloved Paso Fino horse, discovering that pleasure riding is more enjoyable for her than formal showing and competing with other horses.

The famous battle of Bravery Creek.
ISBN: 0811642534. OCLC Number: 315467

Garrard Pub. Co.. .

Three people tell three true versions of how Bravery Creek got its name.

The giver
ISBN: 0020432909. OCLC Number: 14188764

Collier Books ;. .

A growing attachment between fifteen-year-old Mary McNeal and her homeroom teacher tests her character and proves her maturity.

The haunting of the green bird
ISBN: 0695414666. OCLC Number: 6487334

Follett Pub. Co.,. .

A lonely young girl must defy her father in order to save the Indian mound she has discovered on her family's farm and the odd friendship she has formed with the ghost of an Indian girl.

The horse trader
ISBN: 0448135787. OCLC Number: 9772361

Tempo Books,. .

A fatherless teenage girl's special friendship with a local horse trader and con artist begins to change after she buys one of his horses.

The leaving
ISBN: 0020433107. OCLC Number: 16580569

Collier Books ;. .

Roxanne's decision to leave her parents' farm for a life in the city triggers other major changes in her family.

The mysterious Moortown bridge
ISBN: 0695414682. OCLC Number: 6487555

Follett Pub. Co.,. .

While on a camping trip with their families, Curtis and Pat discover a ghost town in a heavily wooded ravine.

The mystery of Pony Hollow
ISBN: 0679930523. OCLC Number: 24247391

Random House,. .

While exploring her family's new farm on her pony, Sarah stumbles upon a skeleton and a supernatural mystery involving the ponies who lived there forty years ago.

The mystery of Pony Hollow Panda
ISBN: 0811664163. OCLC Number: 7575352

Garrard,. .

When her pony disappears from the pet parade, Sarah follows the clues and tries to unravel the mystery.

The mystery of the lost and found hound
ISBN: 0811664082. OCLC Number: 4515263

Garrard,. .

A girl's and her brother's efforts at tracing the owner of a lost beagle leads them to involvement with dog thieves.

The mystery of the Phantom pony
ISBN: 0679843353. OCLC Number: 27811129

Random House,. .

Searching the amusement park for a pony only Susan has seen, Susan and Kent track it to the Tunnel of Terror. As they realize the pony is trapped inside, the train begins its test run.

The mystery of the schoolhouse dog
ISBN: 0811664066. OCLC Number: 4211126

Garrard,. .

During the renovation of an old one-room schoolhouse, a lonely little boy discovers a mysterious dog that helps him cope with his loneliness.

The mystery of the stubborn old man
ISBN: 0811664139. OCLC Number: 5831598

Garrard Pub. Co.,. .

Charlie and his dog encounter a strange old man--is he a ghost or not?--who cares for them in a mysterious way.

The secret life of Dagmar Schultz
ISBN: 0689714467. OCLC Number: 22767296

Aladdin Books ;. .

Trapped in a dead Iowa community with no decent boys her age, twelve-year-old Dagmar invents a fantasy boyfriend, who gets her in terrible trouble when he argues with her and makes her talk back to him in front of family and friends.

The shy ones
ISBN: 0380017237. OCLC Number: 11198654

Avon Books,. .

The solitary.
ISBN: 0140326421. OCLC Number: 59154026

Penguin,. .

The something-special horse
ISBN: 0684183439. OCLC Number: 11467750

Scribner,. .

Chris hates the fact that his father buys horses to sell for meat, and when the new purchase is a beautiful mare with some unusual characteristics, Chris is determined to rescue the horse from death.

The soul of the silver dog
ISBN: 0679870512. OCLC Number: 30559530

Random House,. .

Feeling rejected by her own family after her younger sister's death, fourteen-year-old Cory adopts a blind show dog and devotes herself to bringing back some of his championship glory by training him for agility competition.

The tormentors
ISBN: 0152894713. OCLC Number: 28827259

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich,. .

When his beloved German Shepherd vanishes, Sox sets out to find the thief and becomes involved with a ring of dangerous dog trainers who kidnap animals for their own illegal profit.

The whispered horse
ISBN: 0695412639. OCLC Number: 5336917

. .

A young Scottish girl is convinced that her father has unusual powers over her beloved horse and will use him to avenge her mother's untimely death. She tries to find a way to avert tragedy and protect her family and her horse.

The winged colt of Casa Mia
ISBN: 038040303X. OCLC Number: 9049196

Avon,. .

A former movie stunt man and his bookish nephew, spending the summer together, seem to have little in common until a winged colt enters their lives.

Tin Can Tucker
ISBN: 044181283X. OCLC Number: 10530581

Tempo Books,. .

A sixteen-year old girl runs away from her foster home in Missouri, planning to make a name for herself on the rodeo circuit.

To catch a Tartar.
ISBN: 0695803700. OCLC Number: 636376

Follett. .

After months of wandering a huge, ugly, stray dog is finally befriended by an unhappy misfit of a boy to the benefit of both.

Where have all the tigers gone?
ISBN: 0684190036. OCLC Number: 18558590

Scribner,. .

Enroute to a high school reunion, a fifty-year-old woman, now a successful novelist, reminisces about the personalities and relationships in her class and about her own feeling during her school days of never fitting in.

Windsong /
ISBN: 0684194392. OCLC Number: 25050058

Charles Scribner's Sons,. .

Growing up in a small Missouri town and feeling unloved at home, thirteen-year-old Marty is determined to find a way to keep a special greyhound puppy from the kennel where she works.

Zelda strikes again!
ISBN: 0152999663. OCLC Number: 17550362

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich,. .

Five more episodes in the zany life of Zelda Hammersmith, in which she crashes a stranger's funeral, sneaks on board an airplane, causes her substitute teacher to collapse, and gets in all kinds of trouble.