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Name:  Donald J. Bingle  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult; Young Adult;

Born: 1954 in Aurora, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Donald J. Bingle was born in Aurora, Illinois and continues to reside in the Chicago area.

Biographical and Professional Information

Mr. Bingle is the author of a science fiction novel, ''Forced Conversion'', as well as a variety of other stories, screenplays and adventures in the science fiction, fantasy, horror and comedy genres. He is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc., the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers, and the St. Charles Writers Group.Go to '''' for a current writing resume'.'''Employment:'''* BELL, BOYD & LLOYD, Chicago, Illinois (1979 – 1992; 1999 – Present): Partner practicing in the corporate and securities group.* FREELANCE WRITER/CONSULTANT/INVESTOR, Golden, Colorado (1996 – 1999). * BOSTON CHICKEN, INC., Golden, Colorado (1992 – 1996): Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary.'''Education:'''* THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO LAW SCHOOL, Chicago, Illinois: J.D., 1979….1978 Karl Llewellyn Cup (Moot Court) Champion….Chancellor (Director of Debate) for The Chicago Debating Society in 1977-1978 and 1978-1979.* THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, Chicago, Illinois: A.B., 1976, with general honors in political science….Phi Beta Kappa….Howell Murray-Alumni Association Award….Master (President) of The Chicago Debating Society in 1974-1975 and 1975-1976….Keeper of the World’s Largest Kazoo.'''Memberships:'''* Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc.; International Association of Media Tie-In Writers; GenCon Writers Symposium; St. Charles Writers Group; American Bar Association; Chicago Bar Association

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Titles At Your Library

The Ruins of Undermountain II: The Deep Levels (FORGOTTEN REALMS CAMPAIGN ADVENTURE)
ISBN: 1560768215

Wizards of the Coast. 1994

This sequel to The RUINS OF UNDERMOUNTAIN contains the 128-page Campaign Guide to Undermountain: The Deep Levels, a 32-page adventure booklet, a 16-page MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM booklet, four full-color, poster-size maps of the levels described in this boxed set, and a set of eight DM Assistance Cards to aid in trapping the corridors and rooms of this, the greatest and most dangerous dungeon in all the Realms.

Forced Conversion
ISBN: 1594142548

Five Star. 2004

They can have heaven, but some don't want to go.

Mankind has largely retreated to the realms of virtual reality, where resources are unlimited and the problems of the world can all be avoided. Unfortunately, those who stay behind in the real world pose the only risk to the immortality of those who have converted to virtual existence. Derek, a soldier in the Conversion Forces (ConFoes), seeks to enforce the Mandatory Conversion Act on the remaining mals (malcontent Luddites, gangbangers, and religious fanatics). He is forced to deal with the increasingly brutal tactics of the ConFoes, and a mal ambush. And that's only the beginning.

When Moore's Law meets God's Law, the result is forced conversion.

Greensword: A Tale of Extreme Global Warming (Five Star Science Fiction and Fantasy Series)
ISBN: 1594147280

Five Star. 2009

Says Hugo/Nebula Award Winner, Robert J. Sawyer: "Science fiction has always been a great vehicle for biting satire and social commentary, from H. G. Wells' The Time Machine right on up to Donald Bingle's engrossing GREENSWORD. Bingle is a terrific writer."

From Library Journal: "The author of Forced Conversion demonstrates his talent for dark comedy in the style of Kurt Vonnegut and Victor Gischler. Bingle takes aim at both sides of the global warming controversy, addressing global complexities in comedic trappings for a cautionary tale that belongs in most libraries."

They're about to save the world they just don't want to get caught doing it.

Zeke, Milo, and Brandon are struggling to keep their environmental protest group, GreensWord, alive. It impresses chicks and sure beats getting jobs as corporate serfs in the real world. But their chief benefactor, movie star Matthew Barrington, threatens to cut off funding unless they stop global warming before his Malibu beach house slides into the storm-tossed ocean. In their desperate effort to save the beach house and their organization, the GreensWord trio is willing to try almost anything. No plan is so illegal, so risky, or so stupid that they won't lend it an ear. But nothing is fast enough to stop global warming in time ... until they think of the unthinkable solution.

And although they may be crazed fanatics, they've watched enough T.V. to think they know exactly what to do to foil any investigation of their noble crime. And if their drastic solution to global warming means they also take out the reigning internet tycoon and his monopolistic software company, that's just organic frosting on the vegan cake.

One person can make a difference in the world.

Of course, three people with a plan to stop global warming overnight can make a big difference.

GREENSWORD is a dark comedy about the environment, extremism, stupid criminals, and the lengths to which people will go to avoid getting a real job.

Says USA Today Bestselling Author of the Warlands trilogy, Elizabeth A Vaughan: "I loved GREENSWORD. The characters made me laugh right out loud, but the actions of this group of half-cocked people, with a half-assed plan, had me gasping in horror as their implausible schemes became all too plausibly real. Suddenly, the twists of the chilling plot had me turning the pages, unable to look away from the macabre tale and yet still chuckling guiltily as the story reached its terrifying climax in a horribly real way. GREENSWORD is a darkly humorous, gripping thriller that combines environmental imperatives, terrorist activities, and sex in ways that still make me wake up in a cold sweat, months after reading the book, convinced that it could happen."

From the American Library Association's Booklist: "A novel about three slacker environmentalists may seem an unlikely vehicle for edge-of-the-seat suspense, yet Bingle's satirical ecoterrorist thriller just might haunt readers' nightmares for days. Zeke, Milo, and Brandon are twentysomething conservationists whose only claim to fame, aside from a little TV footage spotlighting their faltering environmentalist organization, GreensWord, is their dubious relationship to action movie star Matthew Barrington. Desperate to save his lavish Malibu beachfront property from global-warming-induced surf damage, Barrington cuts GreensWord a million-dollar check, stipulating that its recipients do something about the ecological crisis immediately. Their ensuing, hare-brained schemes to put the money to good use only generate legal woes until they hit upon one that seems fool-proof ... Needless to say, nothing goes quite as planned, and Bingle's storytelling acumen makes the scenario all too chillingly plausible."--
Carl Hays

GREENSWORD: A Tale of Extreme Global Warming, a darkly comedic eco-thriller from the author of Net Impact and Forced Conversion.


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1999 Nationals Champion (Dungeons & Dragons)

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