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General Information

Name: Tom E. McGowen

Pen Name: Tom McGowen

Born: 1927 in Evanston, Illinois

Died: 2015 in Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Illinois Connection

McGowen was born in Evanston Illinois, grew up in Evanston and Chicago, moved to Norridge Illinois, raised a family and even wrote a book about Norridge titled Island within a City. He lived in Norridge for over 55 years before moving to Hoffman Estates Illinois for the last 3 years of his life.

Biographical and Professional Information

Tom McGowen is a children's and young adult books author. He worked in advertising in the Chicago, Illinois area until 1969. He then became a senior editor at World Book, Inc.

Published Works

  • The Only Glupmaker in the U.S. Navy, Albert Whitman, 1966
  • The Apple Strudel Soldier, Follett, 1968
  • Dragon Stew, Follett, 1969
  • Last Voyage of the Unlucky Katie Marie, Albert Whitman, 1969
  • The Biggest Toot in Toozelburg, Reilly & Lee, 1970
  • Hammett and the Highlanders, Follett, 1970
  • Sir Machinery, Follett, 1970
  • The Fearless Fossil Hunters, Albert Whitman, 1971
  • Album of Dinosaurs, Rand McNally, 1972
  • Album of Prehistoric Animals, Rand McNally, 1974
  • Odyssey from River Bend, Little, Brown, 1975
  • Album of Prehistoric Man, Rand McNally, 1975
  • The Spirit of the Wild, Little, Brown, 1976
  • Album of Sharks, Rand McNally, 1977
  • Album of Reptiles, Rand McNally, 1978
  • Album of Astronomy, Rand McNally, 1979
  • Album of Whales, Rand McNally, 1980
  • Album of Rocks and Minerals, Rand McNally, 1981
  • Encyclopedia of Legendary Creatures, Rand McNally, 1981
  • Album of Birds, Rand McNally, 1982
  • Album of Space Flight, Rand McNally, 1983
  • Midway and Guadalcanal, Franklin Watts, 1984
  • King's Quest, TSR, 1984
  • War Gaming, Franklin Watts, 1985
  • George Washington, Franklin Watts, 1986
  • Radioactivity: From the Curies to the Atomic Age, Franklin Watts, 1986
  • The Circulatory System: From Harvey to the Artificial Heart, Franklin Watts, 1987
  • Chemistry: The Birth of a Science, Franklin Watts, 1988
  • The Time of the Forest, Houghton, 1988
  • Epilepsy, Franklin Watts, 1989
  • The Great Monkey Trial: Science versus Fundamentalism in America, Franklin Watts, 1990
  • The Shadow of Fomor, Lodestar, 1990
  • The Korean War, Franklin Watts, 1992
  • World War I, Franklin Watts, 1993
  • World War II, Franklin Watts, 1993
  • Lonely Eagles and Buffalo Soldiers: African-Americans in World War II, Franklin Watts, 1995
  • Go for Broke: Japanese-Americans in World War II, Franklin Watts, 1995
  • Yearbooks in Science: 1900-1919, Holt, 1995
  • Yearbooks in Science: 1960-1969, Holt, 1995
  • The Black Death, Franklin Watts, 1995
  • Adventures in Archaeology, Twenty-First Books/Scientific American, 1997
  • The Beginnings of Science, Twenty-First Century Books, 1998
  • African-Americans in the Old West, Childrens Press, 1998
  • The Battle for Iwo Jima, Childrens Press, 1999
  • Germany's Lightning War: Panzer Divisions of World War II, Twenty-First Century Books, 1999
  • Sink the Bismarck: Germany's Super-Battleship of World War II, Twenty-First Century Books, 1999
  • Robespierre and the French Revolution in World History, Enslow, 2000
  • Giant Stones and Earth Mounds, Millbrook Press, 2000
  • Carrier War: Aircraft Carriers in World War II, Twenty-First Century Books, 2001
  • Air Raid! The Bombing Campaigns of World War II, Twenty-First Century Books, 2001
  • The Battle of Midway, Childrens Press, 2001
  • Frederick the Great, Bismarck, and the Building of the German Empire in World History, Enslow, 2002
  • The Battle of Cantigny, Childrens Press, 2002
  • The Attack on Pearl Harbor, Childrens Press (Chicago, IL), 2002
  • Assault from the Sky: Airborne Infantry of World War II, Twenty-First Century Books, 2002
  • Assault from the Sea: Amphibious Invasions in the Twentieth Century, Twenty-First Century Books, 2002
  • The Spanish-American War and Teddy Roosevelt in American History, Enslow, 2003
  • The Alamo, Childrens Press, 2003
  • The 1968 Democratic Convention, Childrens Press, 2003
  • The Surrender at Appomattox, Childrens Press, 2004
  • The Revolutionary War and George Washington's Army in American History, Enslow Publishers, 2004
  • D-Day, Childrens Press, 2004
  • Alexander the Great: Conqueror of the Ancient World, Enslow Publishers, 2006
  • William the Conqueror: Last Invader of England, Enslow Publishers, 2008
  • Jesse Bowman: A Union Boy's War Story, Enslow Publishers, 2008
  • Space Race: The Mission, the Men, the Moon, Enslow Publishers, 2009

Armindor series:

  • The Magician's Apprentice, Lodestar, 1987
  • The Magician's Company, Lodestar, 1988
  • The Magician's Challenge, Lodestar, 1989

Age of Magic series:

  • The Magical Fellowship, Lodestar, 1991
  • A Trial of Magic, Lodestar, 1992
  • A Question of Magic, Lodestar, 1993

Titles at Your Library

Beginning Of Science

ISBN: 076133016X
Release Date: 1998-04-01

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Sink The Bismarck (Military Might)

ISBN: 0761315101
Release Date: 1999-04-01

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The Battle for Iwo Jima (Cornerstones of Freedom)

ISBN: 0516264583
Release Date: 1999-09

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Magician's Challenge

ISBN: 0525672893
Release Date: 1989-10-26

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Korean War (First Books--America at War)

ISBN: 0531156559
Release Date: 1993-03

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A Trial of Magic (The Age of Magic Trilogy, Book 2)

ISBN: 0525673768
Release Date: 1992-05-11

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Literary Awards

Children`s Book of the Year

He's won awards for Album of Prehistoric Man, Album of Whales, Radioactivity: From the Curies to the Atomic Age, The Magician's Apprentice, The Great Monkey Trial: Science versus Fundamentalism in America, A Trial of Magic, Robespierre and the French Revolution in World History.

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