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General Information

Name: Samuel A. Campbell

Pen Name: Sam Campbell

Genres: Non-Fiction

Born: 1895 in Watseka, Illinois

Died: 1962

Dedicated Website:

Illinois Connection

Campbell was born in Watseka, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Samuel A. Campbell was an author, lecturer, naturalist, film maker and best known in America as the Philosopher of the Forest. He began his public presentations on nature and philosophy in Chicago in 1929. He soon became a sought after public speaker and lecture on the topic of nature.

He eventually made his home, Sanctuary of Wegimind, in a game preserve in the great forests of Northern Wisconsin. There he studies the ways of wild creatures, their habits, their work, their play, and the examples they set for human beings in right living.

During his life he produced more than 150,000 feet of nature films, delivered more than 10,000 lectures and wrote 21 books.

Published Works

  • Nature's messages: A book of wilderness wisdom, Rand McNally, 1952

Living Forest Series

  • How's Inky, AB Publishing
  • Too Much Salt and Pepper, AB Publishing
  • Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo ... And Still - Mo, AB Publishing
  • A Tippy Canoe and Canada Too, AB Publishing
  • On Wings of Cheer, AB Publishing
  • Moose Country, AB Publishing
  • The Seven Secrets of Somewhere Lake, AB Publishing
  • Loony Coon, AB Publishing
  • Fiddlesticks and Freckles, AB Publishing
  • Beloved Rascals, AB Publishing
  • Sweet Sue's Adventures, AB Publishing
  • Calamity Jane, AB Publishing

Titles at Your Library

Nature's messages: A book of wilderness wisdom

ASIN: B0007E3056
Release Date: 1952

How's Inky? (Living Forest Series, Volume 1)

ISBN: 1881545199
Release Date: 2003

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Too Much Salt and Pepper: Two Porcupines with Prickly Spines Who Make You Laugh and Think

ISBN: 1881545660
Release Date: 2003

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Fiddlesticks & Freckles (Living Forest Series, Volume 9)

ISBN: 1881545962
Release Date: 2003

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Calamity Jane (Living Forest Series, Volume 12)

ISBN: 1881545164
Release Date: 2003

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Beloved Rascals (Living Forest Series, Volume 10)

ISBN: 1881545598
Release Date: 2003

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Sweet Sue's Adventures

ISBN: 1572582103
Release Date: 2002-01-01

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Literary Awards

Speaking Engagements and Upcoming Appearances

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