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General Information

Name: Richard O'Hara

Pen Name: None

Genres: Non-Fiction, History, Other;

Born: 1948 in Streator, Illinois

Website: N/A


Illinois Connection

Rich O'Hara lived in Illinois from 1948 until he enlisted in the Air Force in 1971. His hometown is Streator, which is in LaSalle County. He graduated from Streator Township High School in 1966 as an honor student and attended the University of Illinois in Champaign/Urbana for five glorious years, graduating with a B.S. in Psychology in 1971. After a brief sojourn in the Air Force, he attended graduate school in Madison, Wisconsin and then embarked on a 30-year career in the environmental field. He retired in 2010 and started writing books as a hobby, mostly histories about his home town.

Biographical and Professional Information

Following his graduation from the University of Illinois-Champaign, Rich enlisted as a Navigator with the KC-135 aerial refueling squadron in the US Air Force, 1971-1977. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1980 with a M.S. in Urban and Regional Planning. From 1980 to 2010 he made his career in the Environmental field, working in succession with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Waste Management, Inc. (Oak Brook), Sheaffer International (Glen Ellyn), & American Ecology in Boise, Idaho. He lives in Boise today, with his wife, Patti, an artist and actress of note.

Published Works

  • The Sisters of Mercy, Consolidated Publishing, 2014
  • America's Greatest Minstrel, Consolidated Publishing, 2014
  • The Sensation of the Century, Consolidated Publishing, 2014 and 2016
  • Little Star, Consolidated Publishing, 2014
  • Narrow Roads, Murasaki Publishing, 2015
  • Streator Air Service, Consolidated Publishing, 2014
  • The Glass Bottle Manufacturing Capital of the World, Consolidated Publishing, 2015
  • Home from the War, Consolidated Publishing, 2016
  • Streator Boys, Consolidated Publishing, 2016

Titles at Your Library

America's Greatest Minstrel: Honey Boy Evans

ISBN: 1502387387
Release Date: 2014-09-20

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The Sensation of the Century: Streator's World Famous Zouaves

ISBN: 1502550679
Release Date: 2014-10-04

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Little Star: Vaudeville from Beginning to End

ISBN: 1500847119
Release Date: 2014-08-24

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The Narrow Roads: In Search of Old Japan

ISBN: 1519355920
Release Date: 2015-11-18

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Streator Air Service: An Illustrated and Annotated Episodic History

ISBN: 1505579627
Release Date: 2014-12-24

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The Glass Bottle Manufacturing Capital of the World: A Few Stories from Streator, Illinois

ISBN: 1500642746
Release Date: 2014-07-28

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Home from the War: Nine Accounts of WW II

ISBN: 1522846131
Release Date: 2015-12-21

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Streator Boys: Three Veterans of World War II

ISBN: 1523686103
Release Date: 2016-02-13

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