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General Information

Name: John Gunther

Pen Name: None

Born: 1901 in Chicago, Illinois

Died: May 20, 1970 in New York

Illinois Connection

Gunther was born on the Northe Side of Chicago. He attended Lake View High School and received his PhD from the University of Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

John Gunther was a popular journalist, network radio commentator, correspondent, lecturer and author. He was a world traveler and observer. Gunther was active from the 1920's until shortly before he died. His success came primarily in the 1940s and 1950s with a series of popular sociopolitical works known as the "Inside" books. He was a contributor to more than thirty magazines, including: Harper's, Reader's Digest and Look. He was the editor of the Mainstream of Modern World History series for Doubleday.

Published Works

  • The Red Pavilion, Harper, 1926
  • Peter Lancelot: An Amusement, M. Secker, 1927
  • Eden for One: An Amusement, Harper, 1927
  • The Golden Fleece, Harper, 1929
  • Bright Nemesis, Bobbs, 1932
  • Inside Europe, Harper, 1936
  • The High Cost of Hitler, Harmish Hamilton, 1939
  • Inside Asia, 1939
  • Inside Latin America, Harper, 1941
  • D Day, Harper, 1944
  • The Troubled Midnight, Harper, 1945
  • Inside U.S.A., Harper, 1947
  • Behind the Curtain, Harper, 1949 - published in England as Behind Europe's Curtain
  • Death Be Not Proud, A Memoir, Harper, 1949
  • Roosevelt, in Retrospect: A Profile in History, Harper, 1950
  • The Riddle of MacArthur: Japan, Korea and the Far East, 1951
  • Eisenhower, the Man and the Symbol, 1952
  • Alexander the Great, Random House, 1953
  • The Story of TVA, Harper, 1953
  • Inside Africa, Harper, 1955
  • Days to Remember: America, 1945-1955, Harper, 1956 - written with Bernard Quint
  • Meet North Africa, Harper, 1957 - written with Beryl and Sam Epstein
  • Meet South Africa, Harper, 1958 - written with Beryl and Sam Epstein, published in England as Meet Southern Africa
  • Inside Russia Today, Harper, 1958
  • Meet the Congo and Its Neighbors, Harper, 1959 - published in England as Meet Central Africa
  • Julius Caesar, Random House, 1959 - published in England as All About Julius Caesar
  • Taken at the Flood, The Story of Albert D. Lasker, Harper, 1960
  • Inside Europe Today, Harper, 1961
  • Meet Soviet Russia, Harper, 1962 (two volumes)
  • A Fragment of Autobiography: The Fun of Writing the Inside Books, Harper, 1962
  • The Lost City, Harper, 1964
  • Procession, Harper, 1965
  • Chicago Revisited, 1967
  • Inside South America, Harper, 1967
  • Twelve Cities, Harper, 1969
  • The Indian Sign, Harper, 1970 - published in England as Quatrain, Hamish Hamilton, 1970
  • Inside Australia, Harper, 1972 - completed and edited by William H. Forbis
  • Inside Australia and New Zealand, Hamilton, 1972 - completed and edited by William H. Forbis, maps by Jean Paul Tremblay

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Death Be Not Proud (P.S.)

ISBN: 0061230979
Release Date: 2007-04-03

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Twelve Cities.

ISBN: 0060116382
Release Date: 1969-06

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