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General Information

Celebrated on the Illinois State Library Gwendolyn Brooks Building

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Name: Ernest Miller Hemingway

Pen Name: Ernest Hemingway, at times; he also wrote under the name of Ring Lardner, Jr

Genre: War, Romance

Born: July 21, 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois

Died: July 2, 1961 in Ketchum, Idaho

Illinois Connection

Hemingway was born and raised in Oak Park, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Ernest Hemingway was a novelist, short-story writer, and journalist. He is considered to be one of the major American novelists of the 20th Century. Several of his books were adapted for the big screen. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954.

A little known fact about Hemingway:

"In 1918, while serving on the Italian Front as an ambulance driver for the Red Cross, 18-year-old Ernest Hemingway was struck by an Austrian mortar shell while handing out chocolate and cigarettes to soldiers in a dugout. He was knocked unconscious and shell fragments entered his entire body, including his head, legs, and hand. After he regained consciousness, Hemingway picked up a badly wounded Italian soldier and carried him to the first aid dugout; he later said he didn’t remember how he got back. He was awarded the Silver Medal of Military Valor." (Publishers Weekly, 7 Authors Who Almost Died by Gabe Habash -- May 15th, 2012)

Published Works

  • The Sun Also Rises, 1926 - reprinted in 2006 by Scribner
  • A Farewell to Arms, 1929 - reprinted in 1997 by Scribner
  • Death in the Afternoon, 1932
  • Green Hills of Africa, 1935 - reprinted in 1998 by Scribner
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls, 1940 - reprinted in 1996 by Scribner
  • The Old Man and The Sea, 1952 - reprinted in 1996 by Scribner
  • The Nick Adams Stories, Scribner, 1981
  • The Garden of Eden, Scribner, 1995
  • Across the River and Into the Trees, Scribner, 1996
  • A Moveable Feast, Scribner, 1996
  • The Complete Short Stories Of Ernest Hemingway: The Finca Vigia Edition, Scribner, 1998
  • The Snows of Kilimanjaro, Scribner, 1999
  • To Have and Have Not, Scribner, 1999
  • True At First Light, Scribner, 2000
  • Heminway on Hunting, Scribner, 2003
  • Islands in the Stream, Scribner, 2003
  • Under Kilimanjaro, Kent State University Press, 2005
  • Winner Take Nothing, Arrow Books Ltd; New Ed Edition, 2006
  • The Torrents of Spring: A Romantic Novel in Honor of the Passing of a Great Race, Arrow Books Ltd; New Ed Edition, 2006
  • Hemingway on Fishing, The Lyons Press, 2007
  • Death in the Afternoon, Vintage; New Ed Edition, 2007
  • The Fifth Column: And Four Stories of the Spanish Civil War, Scribner, 2008
  • On Paris (On), Hesperus, 2008

Titles at Your Library

The Nick Adams Stories

ISBN: 0684169401
Release Date: 1981-02-01

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The Garden of Eden

ISBN: 0684804522
Release Date: 1995-09-06

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For Whom the Bell Tolls (Scribner Classics)

ISBN: 0684830485
Release Date: 1996-06-10

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The Old Man And The Sea (Scribner Classics)

ISBN: 0684830493
Release Date: 1996-06-10

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Across The River And Into The Trees

ISBN: 0684825538
Release Date: 1996-12-12

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A Moveable Feast

ISBN: 068482499X
Release Date: 1996-05-29

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A Farewell to Arms (Scribner Classics)

ISBN: 0684837889
Release Date: 1997-04-01

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Green Hills of Africa (Scribner Classics)

ISBN: 068484463X
Release Date: 1998-04-15

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The Snows of Kilimanjaro and Other Stories (Scribner Classics)

ISBN: 0684862212
Release Date: 1999-07-06

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To Have and Have Not (Scribner Classics)

ISBN: 0684859238
Release Date: 1999-07-06

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Hemingway on Hunting

ISBN: 0743225295
Release Date: 2003-11-18

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Islands in the Stream: A Novel (Scribner Classics)

ISBN: 0743253426
Release Date: 2003-07-22

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The Sun Also Rises

ISBN: 0743297334
Release Date: 2006-10-17

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Under Kilimanjaro

ISBN: 0873388453
Release Date: 2005-09-15

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Literary Awards

The Old Man and the Sea

  • Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, 1953
  • Finalist, National Book Award, 1953 for

Other Awards

  • Nobel Prize for Literature for his lifetime literary achievements, 1954
  • Name engraved on the frieze of the Illinois State Library alongside other great Illinois literary figures, 1990
  • Chicago Literary Hall of Fame, 2012

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