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General Information

Name: Elizabeth Orton Jones

Pen Name: None

Born: June 25, 1910 in Highland Park, Illinois

Died: May 10, 2005 in Peterborough, New Hampshire

Illinois Connection

Elizabeth was born in Highland Park and graduated from the University of Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Elizabeth Orton Jones was an American author and illustrator. She received her Ph.B. from the University of Chicago. Jones also spent some time studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

In 1945 Elizabeth moved to Mason, New Hampshire. Jones served to collect and preserve the history of the town in Mason Bicentennial, 1768-1968 a book she edited. She was known there, not by her given name, but by the nickname "Twig", the title character from one of her books. Many Masonians do not know her as anything other than that. On June 25, 2005, the Mason Public Library renamed its Junior Room the "Twig Room" in her honor; a scrapbook of Twig memorabilia is available there.

When the Crotched Mountain Center, a rehabilitation community for disabled children, opened in 1953 in Greenfield, New Hampshire, Jones began an association with the facility that would last for years. This started when she was commissioned to paint several murals for the center, but she soon became much more involved in working directly with the children by encouraging their artistic interests, helping them produce Christmas plays, and serving as a friend and mentor. Jones was presented with the Good Samaritan Award in 2002 from the Pastoral Counseling Services in Manchester, New Hampshire, for her service to children.

Published Works

Written and Illustrated

  • Ragman of Paris and His Ragamuffins, Oxford University Press, 1937
  • Minnie the Mermaid, Oxford University Press, 1939 - written with Thomas Orton Jones
  • Maminka’s Children, Macmillan, 1940, reissued, 1968.
  • Little Red Riding Hood, Simon & Schuster, 1948.
  • Twig, Macmillan, 1942, reissued, 1966
  • Big Susan, Macmillan, 1947, reissued, 1967
  • How Far Is It to Bethlehem?, Horn Book, 1955

Books Illustrated

  • David, Macmillan, 1937 - Story taken from the Bible
  • Brownies—Hush!, Oxford University Press, 1938, reissued, Walck, 1966 - written by Gladys L. Adshead
  • Scarlet Oak, Macmillan, 1938 - written by Cornelia Lynde Meigs
  • Told under the Magic Umbrella: Modern Fanciful Stories for Young Children, Macmillan, 1939, reissued, 1967 - written by the Association for Childhood Education
  • Peddler’s Clock, Grosset, 1943 - written by Mabel Leigh Hunt
  • Small Rain: Verses from the Bible, Viking, 1943, reissued, 1974 - Edited by Jessie Mae Jones
  • Prayers for a Child, Macmillan, 1944, reissued, 1973 - written by Rachel Field
  • What Miranda Knew, New York, Oxford University Press, 1944 - written by Gladys L. Adshead
  • Prayer for Little Things, Houghton, 1945 - written by Eleanor Farjeon
  • Secrets, New York, Viking, 1945 - written by Jessie Orton Jones
  • Little Child—The Christmas Miracle Told in Bible Verses, New York, Viking, 1946 - written by Jessie Mae Jones
  • This Is the Way: Prayers and Precepts from World Religions, Viking, 1951 - edited by Jessie Mae Jones
  • Song of the Sun, Macmillan, 1952 - written by St. Francis of Assisi
  • Deep River, Harper, 1955 - written by Howard Thurman
  • Lullaby for Eggs, Macmillan, 1955 - written by Elizabeth Bridgman
  • To Church We Go, Follett, 1956 - written by Robbie Trent

Titles for Purchase and at Your Library

Ragman of Paris and his ragamuffins,

Release Date: 1937

Big Susan

ISBN: 1930900066
Release Date: 2002-09

Find on World Cat

How far is it to Bethlehem?

Release Date: 1955

Prayer for a Child

ISBN: 0689878869
Release Date: 2005-03-01

Find on World Cat

Small Rain: 2

ISBN: 0670050881
Release Date: 1974-03-25

Find on World Cat

Little Red Riding Hood : A Little Golden Book

Release Date: 1948

Maminka's Children

Release Date: 1940

Brownies -- Hush!

ASIN: B000UG133W
Release Date: 1968


ASIN: B00085SN8I
Release Date: 1937

Lullaby for Eggs

ASIN: B000NZ72O4
Release Date: 1955

Small Rain: Verses from the Bible

Release Date: 1945

Told Under the Magic Umbrella

Release Date: 1961

A Prayer for Little Things

ASIN: B0007E19IQ
Release Date: 1945

Literary Awards

  • Small Rain: Verses from the Bible, a book she illustrated in 1944, was chosen as a Caldecott Honor Book.
  • Prayer for a Child written by Rachel Field and illustrated by Jones, received the Caldecott Medal in 1945.

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