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General Information

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Name: Carol Lerner

Pen Name: None

Born: 1927 Chicago, Illinois



Contact Information: Morrow Publishing 1350 Avenue of the Americas New York, New York 10119 (212)261-6689

Illinois Connection

Lerner lived in Chicago her entire life.

Biographical and Professional Information

Carol Lerner is an American author and illustrator.

Lerner's interest in the study of nature began when she noticed the intense interest her children had in the plants and animals around them. She began her study with courses in botany and ornithology at the Morton Arboretum - just outside Chicago in Lisle, Illinois and eventually studied botanical drawing for three years. Her first book illustrations were for other authors, but she quickly moved to writing her own books.

Published Works

  • On the Forest Edge, Morrow, 1978
  • Tree Flowers
  • Seasons of the Tallgrass Prairie, Morrow, 1980
  • A Biblical Garden, Morrow, 1982
  • Pitcher Plants, Morrow, 1983
  • A Forest Year, Morrow, 1987
  • Moonseed and Mistletoe, Morrow, 1988
  • Plant Families, Morrow, 1989
  • Dumbcane and Daffodils, Morrow, 1990
  • A Desert Year, Morrow, 1991
  • Cactus, Morrow, 1992
  • Plants That Make You Sniffle and Sneeze, Morrow, 1993
  • Backyard Birds of Winter, Morrow, 1994
  • Backyard Birds of Summer, Morrow, 1996
  • My Backyard Garden, Morrow, 1998
  • My Indoor Garden, Morrow, 1999
  • On the Wing: American Birds in Migration, Harpercollins, 2001
  • Butterflies in the Garden, Morrow, 2002

Titles for Purchase and at Your Library

On the forest edge

ISBN: 0688221629
Release Date: 1978

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Seasons of the Tallgrass Prairie

ISBN: 068832245X
Release Date: 1980-10

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A Biblical Garden

ISBN: 0688010717
Release Date: 1982-04

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Pitcher Plants: The Elegant Insect Traps

ISBN: 0688017177
Release Date: 1983-03

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A Forest Year

ISBN: 0688064132
Release Date: 1987-03

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Moonseed and Mistletoe: A Book of Poisonous Wild Plants

ISBN: 0688073085
Release Date: 1988-04

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Plant Families

ISBN: 0688078818
Release Date: 1989-03

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Dumb Cane and Daffodils

ISBN: 0688087965
Release Date: 1990-03

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A Desert Year

ISBN: 0688093833
Release Date: 1991-08

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Plants That Make You Sniffle and Sneeze

ISBN: 068811489X
Release Date: 1993-08

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Backyard Birds of Winter

ISBN: 0688128203
Release Date: 1994-10-18

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My Backyard Garden

ISBN: 0688147550
Release Date: 1998-03

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My Indoor Garden

ISBN: 0688147534
Release Date: 1999-04

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On the Wing: American Birds in Migration

ISBN: 0688166490
Release Date: 2001-06-05

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Literary Awards

Carl Sandburg Award, and Children`s Reading Round Table Annual Award, 1994.

On the Forest Edge.was given an award for Special Artistic Merit by the Friends of American Writers.

Seasons of the Tallgrass Prairie, A Biblical Garden, and Pitcher Plants, were named ALA Notable Books, as was Tree Flowers, which she illustrated.

Plant Families was named a New York Academy of Sciences Honor Book .

Cactus, Dumb Cane and Daffodils, A Forest Year and Moonseed and Mistletoe, all are NSTA/CBC Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children.

Speaking Engagements and Upcoming Appearances

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